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Hollow (Admin der Kreativ Ecke )
Hollow (Admin der Kreativ Ecke )

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Die liste is nicht von mir- einfach nur eingefügt

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viel spass damit!

jeder darf natürlcih weitere hinzufügen!


In Japan, the suffix you add to names indicates the relationship you have with the person. This is a VERY important part to remember when you read manga. Listed below are the suffixes you may come across.

-*no suffix*: Indicates you know that person intimately. Usually used between lovers ,very good friends, or family.

-chan: Cutesy way of calling someone. Usually for girls and sometimes for small boys.

-desu: Has no actual meaning. Indicates old style of talking.

-degozaru: Also has no actual meaning. Indicates old style of talking. (Usually you'll see ninjas and samurais use this term)

-dono: Similar to "-sama". Slightly old fashioned way of addressing someone.

-kun: Usually for boys. Rarely used for girls.

-sama: Formal usage. To indicate person has a higher status than you.

-san: Used generally for people you have an undefined relationship or a slightly formal relationship. Both men and women.

-tan: Babyish way of saying "-san"

-tama: Babyish way of saying "-sama"


Listed below are how people related to each other, call each other in Japan.
Also please note that adding the prefix O- before addressing someone is more respectful.

Aneki/Aniki/Aniiki: Older brother (Gangster style/Very Crude way of addressing)

Anesan/Aneesan: Older sister (Gangster style/Very Crude way of addressing)

Baa-san: Generic term for addressing an older woman. (Whom you may or may not be related to.)

Banchou/Bancho: Delinquent Gang Leader

Bozu: Little boy (Slightly rude)

Imouto: Little sister

Jii-san: Generic term for addressing an older man. (Whom you may or may not be related to.)

Kaa-san: Mother

Kaicho/Shachou/Kaichou: President

Kouhai/Kohai: Underclassman

Nee-san: Older sister (Casual)

Nii-san: Older brother (Casual)

Obaa-san: Generic term for addressing an older woman. (Whom you may or may not be related to.)

Ojii-san: Generic term for addressing an older person. (Whom you may or may not be related to.)

Okaa-san: Mother

Okyaku-san/Okyaku-sama: Customer-san/Customer-sama

Onee-san: Older sister (Is also used to address a female slightly older than you)

Onee-sama: Older sister (Respectful)

Onii-san: Older brother (Is also used to address a male slightly older than you)

Onii-sama: Older brother (Respectful)

Otou-san: Father

Sempai/Senpai: Upperclassman

Sensei: Teacher

Taichou/Taicho: Captain

Tou-san: Father

Addressing Yourself:

There are different ways how the characters address themselves.

Boku: I (Neutral) -----> But guys use it more often than girls

Ore: I (Masculine)

Watakushi: I (Feminine; Very Formal) ----> Almost never used by guys

Watashi/Atashi: I (Feminine) -----> Weak guys in manga use this too

Miscellaneous Terms:

Ano... : Errr...

Arigatou: Thank You

Arigatou Gozaimasu: Thank You Very Much

Baka/Bakaryou/Baaro: Stupid/Idiot

Dame: No

Daijoubu: Are you all right?

Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu: Thank You Very Much (Respectfully)

Ecchi: Mildly perverted

Engrish: Sort of fusion of Japanese and English

Gaijin: Foreigner

Ganbatte/Ganbatteyo: I will do my best/Do your best

Gaukon/Goukon: A mixer party; A party where guys and girls get together to hook up with each other; Basically a hook-up party.

Gome/Gomenasai: Sorry

Hai: Yes

Harakiri: Ritualistic suicide by cutting open your stomach with a sword.

Hentai/Hentei: Pervert/Porn (It's the same word)

Hiragana: Phonetic Script of the Japanese Language

Ichi: One

Inu: Dog

Ittadakimasu: Something Japanese people say just before partaking a meal.

Jan-Ken-Pon: Rock-Paper-Scissors

Josei: Young Women

Kanji: Complex script of the Japanese Language

Katana: Japanese Sword

Katanaka: Simplest script of The Japanese Language.

Kawaii: Cute

Kissu: Kiss or a type of edible fish (Not surprisingly, it's often used as a pun)

Kitsune: Fox

Koi: Love or a type of edible fish (Not surprisingly, it's often used as a pun)

Koniichiwa: Hello

Koukou Sei: High School

Moukou Sei: Middle School

Moshi Moshi: Actually doesn't mean anything. But is used in place of hello in japanese 'Telephone' conversations.

Nakama: Friends

Nandemonai: No Problem (lol Sagara Sousuke's Catchphrase XD )

Nandeyo: What? (Exasperated)

Nani: What?

Ne...: Umm..../Hey (Depends on the context)

Neko: Cat

Ni: Two or SFX for a smile (Often used as a pun)

Nippon: Japan

Omiai: An arranged marriage meeting; It's a meeting where a prospective bride and groom (usually arranged by the family) meet each other in hopes of getting married (That only happens if both agree....)

Onegai: Please

Oyasumi/Oyasuminasai: Good Night

Pan: Bread (Usually used as a suffix, e.g. Anpan: Melon Bread)

Ryokai: Roger

Reiatsu: Spirit Pressure (Bleach fans should know this!)

Sakura: Cherry Blossoms (Also a very common girl's name)

San: Three (Please note this is not a suffix like "-san")

Seinen: Young Adults

Sepukku: Ritualistic suicide by cutting open your stomach with a sword.

Shinkansen: Bullet Train

Shoujo: Girl

Shounen: Boy

Siniemasen/Senimasen: Excuse me

Sugooi: WOW!!! (Pronounced as Sugo-oi)

Suki/Ai: Love

Sukiyaki: Japanese style hotpot

Tadaima: Something that Japanese people say which sort of means "I'm Home"

Takiyoki: Octopus balls (It's eaten in japan !!! )

Tantei/Mei Tantei: Detective/ Great Detective

Tomodachi - Friend

Wakarimashta: Understood

Yakuza: Japanese Mafia

Yaoi: Gay (Guy on Guy)

Yoroshiku: Shortened casual form of "Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu"

Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu: Literally means "Please Take Care of Me", but loosely means "Let us get along well."

Youkai/Yokai: Monsters/Supernatural Beings

Youki/Yoki: Evil Spirit Pressure (Usually from Monsters or Evil Beings)

Yukata: A light cotton Kimono sort of gown worn in summer.

Yuri: Lesbian (Girl on Girl)
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